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Re: Why ".udeb" won't work.

Joey Hess wrote:

> Or don't use ".udeb" as the filename extention for debian-installer
> modules. Which doogie says he will flame me for, so please go ahead
> doogie and tell me why just using ".deb" is such a terrible idea.

What about having a subsection for installer modules, that way it would
be easier for package managers to identify and handle them.

What if we did ?something? to the installer modules that were in main so
that they didnt violate policy, and then when we used the modules we
just reversed this ?something? step.

Like, what if installer modules did a chroot in the preinst so that if
the installer modules were used on an existing system they would build
the installer in a specified directory, then users could play around and
make an image of this dir and install from that.

And on an actual actall we could just reverse the chroot.

If the directory to chroot to was prompted by debconf, then on our
install we could just have that value hard coded.

Im sure ive overlooked something in this plan.... so im waiting


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