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Re: Inconsistent Architecture?

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 10:16:34PM +0200, Arthur Korn wrote:
> In fact something like this would be needed if we port to
> solaris, IRIX and AIX (hint: ironically) as well:

	One thought I've had is that dealing with certain kinds of software
(try GNOME) is a real pain on those systems in some (perhaps even
typical) situations; even if the configure scripts are good enough to
get you through an initial compilation by hand, it (1) takes forever,
and (2) is very, very painful, and (3) almost impossible to upgrade
by hand.
	Perhaps it sounds like an abuse of the package management system,
but I personally would be thrilled to jump in on and help code some
extensions to the package management system so that the following
aspects of my former and current situations could be handled:
	(1) not being root and working entirely out of $HOME
	(2) $HOME being multihomed (i.e. NFS exported across machines of
			different OS's and architectures)
	(3) having system-supplied libraries (blas, X11, libc?) satisfy
		some(?) dependencies even though they aren't Debian-supplied.

These thoughts reflect some of my experiences as a university student
and as a new entry to the workforce.

"In my eyes this is not a technical shortcoming of the language (or
compiler), but rather a psychological inadequacy of human beings."
-- Markus Mottl,

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