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Re: I18n of Packages files

On Sat, 30 Sep 2000, Marcin Owsiany wrote:

> 1) each package should have some 'control-LANG' files (LANG would be a full
>    locale definition in form: lang_territory@variation.encoding), and we
>    would use something like the tools that allow translation of debconf
>    template files to manipulate the descriptions
> 	- this allows easy maintainance of the descriptions and checking if
> 	  they are up to date

This sounds reasonable, language specific, or all-in-one package files can
be constructed quite quickly by the package file generator and the
translations are stored in the .deb.

I suppose dpkg would have to store a Description-LANG field in the status

>    - on installed system:
>     /var/lib/dpkg:
> 	available
> 	available.LANG

I'd recombine them in the available file actually, not much reason to have
seperate ones and complicates the dpkg --*-avail interface I think.

> 	...
>     /var/state/apt:
> 	ftp.alea.iacta.est_debian_blah_blah_Packages
> 	ftp.alea.iacta.est_debian_blah_blah_Packages.LANG
> 	...


> 	- this allows to have only the wanted translations - for example
> 	  apt can be configured to get the Packages files for languages
> 	  "C", "pl" and "fi"

If the extra languages were stored in the control file, it would be some
pretty small changes to dpkg/dselect to start supporting this. Most of the
work would be around APT getting the new files and processing them for the
dpkg tools and for internal APT use.

> This new format will however take a _lot_ of work to implement, so I guess
> it's reasonable to allow for translated descriptions in the way I proposed
> until we have that new format.

I wouldn't let any plans that are tentative and targetted 4 years in
advance worry you. 


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