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Re: Bug#70842: project: I want dpkg and apt supporting foreing languages because I can translate to Portuguese.


	me too, I'm interested on seeing dselect localizated, i thinkt
the simpliest way (at this moment) is to make a set of package
dpkg-locale-xx (where xx will be the countries ids) and change dselect
in order to replace original long description with locale's one (if it

I think it will cost some more time at launch, but nothing
in term of ram at running time (I'm right here?)

On Sun, Sep 03, 2000 at 12:10:48PM -0300, Paulo H B de Oliveira wrote:
> Package: project
> Version: 20000903
> Severity: wishlist
> 	We have a project in Brazil to translate Debian to portugues with
> more than twenty people helping. We want to dpkg, dselect, apt support 
> descriptions in portuguese.
> 	Thanks Debian People for so great dist.
> -- System Information
> Debian Release: woody
> Kernel Version: Linux phantasy 2.2.16 #1 Sun Jun 25 13:40:27 BRT 2000 i586 unknown
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