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proposal: dpkg/dselect interactive log

To preface, i'm not sure if this is the ideal list for this (perhaps
-admintool would be a good choice), so please bear with me, and nudge me
in the right direction if appropriate.

There is a missing feature among all the upgrade clients i've tried in
debian.  During the upgrade, various packages will spit out messages
that can actually be of importance; some have the kindness/impertinance
to wait for the user to acknowledge he's seen it; many do not.

What i would like to see is some form of summary or log mode that the
user can browse after an install/upgrade to get all the messages.  The
idea i have currently would be sectioned into sections including:

 Error in Installation
 Successfuly Installed
 Important Changes (postgress upgrade imcompatibilities, etc.)
 Warnings          (failure to remove non-empty directories, etc.)

You'd have a list not unlike the packages in dselect, although ideally
you could zip up the tree (more like in console-apt).  They could be
titled by package, and have the full text of the output when you
cursor/mouse to them.

In order to get this information, probably any of the install scripts
would need to use a new infrastructure, perhaps a deb-warn, deb-change,
or such function, that the current package handler could intercept and
log for the later browsing.

I don't yet have anything more than the idea, but i'm fully willing to
work with others to implement this.  (i may be at a disadvantage here -
until now i've just used the software, and am unfamiliar with its

What do you all think?

Michael Urman <mu@zen.ddts.net>
gpg: 1024g/55C56706 : C3D7 2A8F 6261 3DE4 F544  6DC3 A1D5 BEF6 156F 65A4
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