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Re: new fields in debian/control

Great, I suggest moving this discussion to debian-devel and you post
it to the other two lists but not -devel :)

Previously Chris Lawrence wrote:
> - A debbugs BTS has more than one submission address (maintonly,
> submit, quiet).  Perhaps the URL should be a pseudo-URL, like
> mailto:%s@bugs.debian.org.

One should be able to deduce this from the -Style option instead
of cluttering the package with more fields. I'm beginning to see
the point of merging the two fields and have debbugs://bugs.debian.org/

> - Debbugs BTSes should also specify a URL root for looking up bugs.
> For example, Debian's is at http://www.debian.org/Bugs/, with various
> appendages for bug numbers and packages.  (Incidentally, using this
> interface is not the same as http://bugs.debian.org/{package|number})

Nee, see above.

> - For "well known" origins, the bug submission fields should be
> omitted.  "Origin: Debian" implies the Debian Project's BTS.

No. What if we split Debian into modular bits each with their own
BTS? (Consider an evil law as a result of which we can't put bug
information for non-US in the main BTS)

> - A "plain" submit style might be a good thing to specify: this means
> the URL for submission is immutable.  For example,
> My-Handrolled-Package could specify a style of "plain" and a url of
> "mailto:my-handrolled-package-bugs@my.domain.com";; this means, "send
> all bug reports to this URL", and would tell a smart UI to ignore
> flags like --maintonly, etc.

The -Style already implies this.


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