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Re: new fields in debian/control

On Sun, 16 Jul 2000, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Package: packaging-manual
> I'm adding three new fields to debian/control:
> * Origin
>   This lists the origin of a package. For all Debian packages this should
>   be `Debian'. 

Is this created in debian/control by the maintainer, or should it be inserted
at package build time by an automated tool?  Indeed, couldn't all fields be
inserted at package build time?  Or are you advocating having different debian
dirs depending on what origin you are building for?

I could definately see where you do 'dpkg-buildpackage -O debian' or
'dpkg-buildpackage -O corel'

> * Submit-Bugs-To
>   An mailto URL to which bugs should be submitted. (It's a URL so
>   we can support other types of BTSes at a later date if needed)
> * Submit-Bugs-Style
>   Style in which submitted bugreports should be formatted. Currently
>   the only option here is `debbugs'.

Limiting it to mailto?  If you are using a url, then you don't need to -Style,
as the url can contain the type.


> All of these fields have to be in the general section of the control-file.
> Someone please update the packaging manual to reflect this change.

Where was the consensus reached, saying this should be done?  I'm willing to
read -archives about it, if someone tells me the list, and the date range.

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