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Re: another one removed from the TODO list

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Ben Collins wrote:

> The only way the old dpkg will *use* a versioned provide is if the
> dependency on it is *unversioned*, so it makes little difference WRT
> backwards compatibility in tools. It does mean that to satisfy some


Package: A
Conflicts: Moo (>= 1.2)

Package: B
Provides: Moo (= 1.2)

Old behavior: Allow A+B, New behavior: Fail.

I think that is a fairly nastys problem.

> dependencies, you will need to upgrade to woody dpkg/dselect/apt before
> proceeding with a potato->woody upgrade, but that didn't bother us with
> the current slink to potato upgrade.

slink apt+dpkg will happily upgrade to potato, we just recommend new tools
for some corner cases.


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