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Re: another one removed from the TODO list

On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Versioned provides work pretty simple. Instead of using a line
> like:
> 	Provides: mail-transport-agent
> you can now also say:
> 	Provides: mail-transport-agent (= 1.0)
> I have no idea if apt implements this properly as well; its
> documentation seems to have it listed as experimental. 

You probably already noticed (and James will laugh again, loudly) but APT
is freakishly anal about syntax in the control records and such. If you
add that then it will bitch in an angry sort of way that it does not like
it. Looks like older dpkg's will silently take it (tsk tsk) but ignore the
version iformation.

Redefining an existing field may not be the best way to add versioned

Anyhow, no matter what you do, adding a new feature like this poses a
serious upgrade incompatiblity problem, you will no longer be able to
install woody using potato tools! I'm not sure versioned provides are
worth the trouble. 

If they are you might want to batch in as many other format changes as you


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