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Re: statoverride implemented

Previously Joey Hess wrote:
> Doing this in the debconf stage is nasty. AJ would eventually like
> config scripts to be able to run on other boxes, for example, no need to
> make doing that harder than it already is.

Ah, that makes sense. I wonder why I even thought of making the debconf-stage
do something besides modifying configuration settings. Hmm, perhaps with
a good backend debconf could modify the overrides directly, that would be
kind of sweet.

> Anyhow, sounds very nice. Will it be part of the dpkg package?

Already is in CVS. As soon as potato is released I'll unleash dpkg 1.7.0
with this and some other new features. In the meantime I'm already running
it on a couple of my machines and it works very well there.


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