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Re: Debian vs Red Hat??? I need info.

Try: pt-get install pine

It'll give youenough information to get a bit further....

Ron Rademaker

PS. Damn when is someone going to read apt-ge's FM!!, perhaps we'll just
have to put a few pages with apt-get info during install on the users
screen, the amount of question that has to do with it are (mostly,
exceptly for some) just TOO EASY!!!

On Fri, 19 May 2000, Chris Wagner wrote:

> It's not too hard to find pine*.deb.  Use Fast FTP Search.
> At 09:54 AM 5/19/00 +0800, Sanjeev \"Ghane\" Gupta wrote:
> >Because Univ of Washington doesn't allow modified tarballs to be
> >distributed, and you have to modify the tarball's paths to be Debian
> >compliant.
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