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Re: Mass install / Autoinstall (Was: Re: Debian vs Red Hat??? I need info.)

On Thu, May 18, 2000 at 01:55:37PM -0400, Jeremy Hansen wrote:
> Most of the answers I've been getting on this subject seem like
> total hacks, which may work but really are tricks to doing this.  I
> was really looking for something within debian that's built to do
> "kickstart" type installations.

huh? what do you think kickstart is? it's the same kind of "total hack"
- the difference is that you have to do it RedHat's way whether you like
it or not, and it pretends to be easy enough to use that you don't need
to know what you're doing to run it.

personally, i think that anyone who needs to mass-build machines
*SHOULD* know exactly what they are doing. i wouldn't trust any machine
built by someone who needed such point-and-click tools.

> Although what you suggest may work, it leave little flexibility
> between machines and also takes a lot more work then I was hoping to
> do.

actually, it leaves a lot of flexibility between machines. use ed or
'perl -i' scripts to automatically edit config files in place.

> For example, I have 20 machines at a co location I need to go install.
> Right now with Red Hat I can take my laptop, slap a floppy in each
> machine, turn 'em on, 5 minutes later I have 20 fully configured
> machines ready to rock.

you can do the same thing with debian...just install the nfs server
package on your laptop.


craig sanders

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