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Re: Debian vs Red Hat??? I need info.

On Tue, May 16, 2000 at 06:48:02PM -0400, Jeremy Hansen wrote:
> I'm a long time Red Hat user.  Basically the company I'm working for is
> currently using Red Hat but for some reason they're considering switching
> to Debian.  I personally don't have any experience with Debian abd
> honestly I'm open to anything but I was hoping for some positive feedback
> from people who have used both Red Hat and Debian.  My main interests are:
> Dpkg vs RPM
> 	Both managability and build packages.  I have heard a lot
> 	of "good things" about dpkg.

as others have said dpkg/apt to RPM is to GNU/Linux to DOS.

> Customization of the distro
> 	We do a lot of customization to our distro.  Can this easily
> 	be done with debian?

much easier then redhat!  unlike redhat your config files are never
overwritten and /usr/local is never touched by the package system
(except some directories are created there) you can also make your own
.debs if you wish.  

> Autoinstall (Red Hat's kickstart)
> 	This is also something fairly important.  We need this as we do a
> 	lot of mass installs.

nobody has mentioned this trick yet so i will, it works very well for
both replication and restoration after disaster (*cough* kernel 2.2.13
*cough*) install the base system, run dselect/tasksel to get the
packages you want installed, once that is done run:

dpkg --get-selections \* > selections.master

then on your next machine install the base system (easy) and once that
is done instead of running tasksel/dselect again run:

dpkg --set-selections < selections.master

then run dselect update and install but not select.  you get the exact
same set of package installed.  

its not quite unattended and automatic but it does pretty much what
kickstart does:  saves you from selecting all the packages you want
over and over again for each machine.

once you have used debian you will never touch a redhat system again. 

Ethan Benson

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