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Re: Proposal new source archive format

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> The patch-files are inside the debian diff, which is also listed in the
> .dsc but is special.
> > I don't understand how one is supposed to get from an unpacked and yet
> > pristine "original upstram form" package to a debianized package. You
> > use dpkg-patch clearly, but what file does it read? Not debian/sources, it
> > would seem, since that file by definition wouldn't exist in this
> > pristine state.
> Not that difficult:
> * unpack tars
> * apply debian diff, which includes all the other patches
> > Woah. What's this debian/patches stuff? Where do these patches come
> > from and how are they stored in the archive and in the .dsc file? I think
> > some details are missing here.
> It's inside the debianization diff, debian/patches/ is just the subdir
> I put them in for the example, they could be anywhere.

I think that I and others have a problem with a system that has nested
diffs like this. It doesn't seem clean. I don't see why you cannot treat
the debian diffs the same as you are planning to treat upstream diffs.

> >             debian tar vim-debian.tar.gz
> >             debian patch vim-debian.diff.gz
> This doesn't work, the debian.diff needs to be implicit or you will
> have a chicken-and-egg problem.

But this information can be in the .dsc, so no chicken and egg. 

> > Also, it seems to me you need to go into some detail about how the .dsc
> > file itself would looks, since it sounds like it would need to look like
> > some combination of debian/sources and how it looks now.
> Indeed.

So we agree the .dsc has the same information as debian/sources. So
dpkg-source -x can look at that to figure out which of the debian diff
or debian tarball to extract, and how.


> > Seems like vim is a rather bad example since it has debian/ in upstream.
> It doesn't.

joey@gumdrop:/tmp>ls vim* -d
vim-5.6.052/  vim_5.6.052-1.dsc  vim_5.6.052-1.tar.gz


see shy jo

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