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Re: Proposal new source archive format

On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 02:55:51PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> [wichert wrote:]
> > * when building a source package all patches are reversed. Any patches
> > that remain are will be the debian-ization patch.
> This isn't necessarily possible, is it? Given a.tar, ab.diff, bc.diff
> and d/, you can go from a to b to c, and then diff c and d, but you
> can't necessarily go from d to b+(d-c) to a+(d-b-c) and diff that against
> a and declare that it's the same as cd.diff?

To amplify this point, I think it has to be like this:

Suppose I have pristine source + 5 nicely separated out patches (made
by me or upstream, doesn't really matter)

New upgrade comes along. I apply 5 patches from my last version.  They 
apply cleanly.  It doesn't compile.

I fix the problem, and build packages.

How is it going to produce diffs?

AFAICS, what dpkg-source is going to have to do is:

unpack pristine into new directory.  Apply all 5 old patches. Diff the 
two dirs.  Produce a new diff from that.

It might be nice if dpkg-source asked me if I wanted to 'name' the new 
diff to (fix-configure-in-hack, or support-debian-kbd-policy)

Is this the picture?

Now, what happens if patch 4 doesn't apply, so I want to cancel patch 4?


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