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Strange value for localization

The value under question is dselect/pkgdisplay.cc:45:

  *const eflagstrings[]=   { N_(""),

Maybe the word `strange' is not that correct. :)  Well, here is the issue.
There is a convention that says that ``gettext ("")'' returns the information
about the translation.  If you look in any .po file, you'll see a lot of
special words in the entry for "" string.  These appear on the screen, which is
wrong, I believe.

There is a workaround for this (I'd call this `dirty hack' :) to make the
translation for "" string ``fuzzy'', in this case, the translation will not be
put into resulting .mo file, but we loose an opportunity to get the information
about the translation (which is bad: as I heard Ulrich Drepper is going to make
use Content-Type field for on-fly conversion).


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