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HELP: Sequence (?-...) not recognized at /usr/bin/dpkg-preconfig line 99


when running dselect or apt i invariantly get hte same problem, the whole
system come to halt with the following error:
Need to get 0B/576kB of archives. After unpacking 1644kB will be used.
Sequence (?-...) not recognized at /usr/bin/dpkg-preconfig line 99.
E: Sub-process dpkg-preconfig --apt returned an error code (255)
E: Failure running script dpkg-preconfig --apt

the offending line is 

if (/^ (?i)(?:Pre-)?Depends(?i-):\s+.*?debconf\s+\(\s*([><=]*)\s+(.*?)\s*\)/)

i am not a perl-expert, but some things seem strange to me about this line:
.*? this sequence seems very strange to me....

further all this '?' standing around alone.....

so what else is wrong on this line?

I prepended all '?' with '.' without touching the very courious .*? and at
least apt seems to install and configure the stuff, so even i have not really
an idea on what i am doing, it can't be so wrong....

but .... did i do the right thing?

ciao bboett
http://inforezo.u-strasbg.fr/~bboett http://erm1.u-strasbg.fr/~bboett
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