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Bug#50955: dpkg: Bad assumption for menu entry strings

Package: dpkg

In dselect's main menu, there are 6 menu entry strings which can be
translated: "access", "update", "select", "install", "config",
"remove" and "quit" (used in dselect/main.cc). But their translations
are badly assumed to be single-byte languages, because only the first
byte of the string is put between "[" and "]".

Some of them can be avoided by modifying the translation to
"a<translation for `access'>", "u<translation for `update'>" and so
on, but 2 messages ("install" and "remove") are also used in other
place (dselect/pkgdisplay.cc) and displayed as they are...

Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.org>

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