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CVS Commit of 'dpkg/debian rules'

Update of /cvs/dpkg/dpkg/debian
In directory va:/usr/debian/tmp/cvs-serv1865/debian

Modified Files:
      Tag: dpkg_test_bz2_syslog_sigs
Log Message:
  * Removed support from dpkg-deb to _create_ old archives (still allows
    unpacking of old archive format). This means package format 0.9x
  * Removed build inside of include/ directory. This meant moving the
    mkinstalldirs calls in there to the top level makefile. Also dpkg.h is
    not generated anymore and its dynamic defines were moved to
  * Removed configure.in and config.h support of building with old archive
  * configure.in: removed --with-arch option (--target is more correct).
    If target_cpu is not found in archtable, use it with a warning instead
    of killing configure.
  * Moved md5sum program and sources to utils directory
  * utils/: removed configure.in and put the relevant autoconf tests in
    the top level configure.in

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