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CVS Commit of 'dpkg/debian changelog control rules shlibs shlibs.local'

Update of /cvs/dpkg/dpkg/debian
In directory va:/usr/debian/tmp/cvs-serv28052/debian

Modified Files:
      Tag: dpkg_test_bz2_syslog_sigs
	changelog control rules 
Removed Files:
      Tag: dpkg_test_bz2_syslog_sigs
	shlibs shlibs.local 
Log Message:
  * Make libdpkg a static-only, uninstalled library
  * Completely removed libtool usage
  * Make dpkg-deb only use -4 on bz2 packages. We don't need the overhead
    of -9, since the space savings don't justify the memory overhead
  * dpkg-source.pl: fix error wrt $ctype
  * Removed intl/ and po/Makefile.in.in from CVS since they are generated

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