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Bug#49066: ldso_1.9.11-5 claims to replace libc6

Thanks, I realize my diagnosis was wrong.
The problem was that I installed a new libc6. It recommends gconv-modules. I downloaded that, then decided I didn't need it (trying to get a mimium server install), and deinstalled it. Now it turns out that gconv-modules conflicts with the old version of locales. Even though gconv-modules wasn't selected for installation, dselect somehow decided there was a conflict between new libc6 and old locales through gconv-modules, just that no browsing of any modules scheduled to be installed showed any conflict. So there I was in hell for 5-6 hours, until I figured out I just needed to upgrade locales...
Thanks for the help!

At 08:10 AM 11/3/1999 , Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Previously Martin Schulze wrote:
> This only means that it replaces a part of the package libc6, e.g.
> /lib/ld.so.  If it would replace the entire packge, it would have
> to Provide it as well.

Provide would be nice, but Conflicts would be necessary.


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