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Re: [ANNOUNCE] experiemental dpkg available

[snip cool stuff]
> Known problems, each .deb signed requires you to enter your passphrase
> twice (once for each member), which get's really old after the second or
> third package. Any help with getting around this would be nice. Also note
> that I plan on adding signature checking to dpkg-deb itself, but not
> generating signatures. Also, I need to have dpkg-signpackage -c give
> better parsing of errors in checking the signatures.

I know its something that is probably a security risk, but is it possible
to do something similar to ssh-agent?

I found it annoying having to enter my passphrase twice to compile a
package. I used the PGPPASS environment variable temporarily with pgp,
which is not the most desirable method, but I havent looked/found anything
similar for gpg.

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