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Re: translators for dpkg and dselect wanted

Previously Michael Sobolev wrote:
> Does your request mean that the dpkg's code was cleaned and it now has
> all (by all I mean all!) messages properly marked?

Debug-messages aren't marked in dpkg currently, and I'm not sure if it
makes sense to. I just went over the dpkg and libdpkg code and marked
couple of strings that were skipped. If you want to try it please get
dpkg from the CVS-archive or wait until the next upload.

> The last time I checked (1.4.1.*, I do not remember the exact version
> number) there were some messages that appeared in English on my screen
> and I did not find them in dpkg.pot file that comes in source archive.

But you didn't file a bugreport..
> I have a [non complete] Russian translation for dpkg.po file.  So if
> you want it (yes, an incomplete file which I am working on), just let
> me know where to send it.

Since it's a new translation I would rather wait until you finish it;
there is nothing more confusing to users then a partial translation.


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