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Re: Help needed with dependencies (please)

On 21 Oct 1999, James LewisMoss wrote:

> When trying to install the new packages I get the following errors
> (and this is with real package names).
> dpkg: regarding gnome-card-games_1.0.51-1_i386.deb containing gnome-card-games, dependency problem:
>  gnome-games depends on gnome-card-games (= 1.0.2-9)
>   gnome-card-games is to be installed, but is version 1.0.51-1.

For the record, this is the direct result of a new 'feature' added to the
latest potato dpkg. It now checks dependencies of other packages on the
package that is being installed. In this case, your dependency on
gnome-games to gnome-card-games does not allow gnome-card-games to be

Some carefull thought will reveal that it is now actually impossible to
install and dependent of gnome-games or gnome-games without a forcing

There is nothing wrong with your dependencies, they are perfectly
legitimate and  basically non-looping.

Quite simply, dpkg is not properly equiped to deal with checking reverse
depends and shoulds never have been patched to allow it. Your situation is
only one of many that no longer work, people will find that some of their
APT upgrades mysteriously fail, and dpkg -iGROBE is now totally useless.

Interested parties may read the thread titled 'dpkg upgrade/downgrade
dependency problem' at 


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