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Processed: Re: Processed: Re: Processed: finally hit the %70 mark in the bug list...

Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:

> severity 38604 grave
Bug#38604: Dpkg segfaults when purging a directory 
Severity set to `grave'.

> merge 38604 30090
Bug#30090: dpkg crashes when using its own gettext
Bug#38604: Dpkg segfaults when purging a directory 
Bug#25674: dpkg dumps core on i18n
Bug#25744: dpkg core dumped
Bug#27587: dpkg: segfaults on errors when LC_ALL or LANG are set
Bug#31763: dpkg sefaults if LANG="de"
Bug#32501: dpkg barfs on rm'ing directories which aren't empty
Bug#32978: Internationalized core dumps in dpkg
Bug#35362: dpkg: dpkg segfaults with LANG=de_DE / LC_ALL=de during apt-get dist-upgrade
Merged 25674 25744 27587 30090 31763 32501 32978 35362 38604.

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