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Bug#2828: PATCH] check dev/inode before removing old files on upgrade

On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 05:59:04PM +0200, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Raul Miller wrote:
> > I already asked Ben about this.  Paraphrased, his response was roughly:
> > that ought to work but he doesn't have time to test to see if there
> > are any other implications.
> We also have to realize that people may be using an older dpkg, so relying
> on this fix is not an option.

Then making the /usr/doc become a symlink to /usr/share/doc (and all the
moving invloved with it) should be in a base package that depends on
_that_ version of dpkg (most likely basefiles itself).

Then the worst scenario is using newer packages without the newer
basefiles/dpkg, which would simply have some docs in /usr/doc and some in
/usr/share/doc. All of this being fixed by the upgrade to the
dpkg/basefiles that support this change.


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