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Bug#46825: dpkg: dselect unruly with 4000 packages

Package: dpkg

I need to clarify this request;

> I find this need occurs often and could save considerable time and eye
> strain if a supplemental "Packages Marked for Installation" section was
> added to the "by status" view.

That should be "Uninstalled Packages Marked for Installation."  A
section reflecting installed packages already exists.  This could also
be extrapolated to sections like "Installed packages marked for purge"
or "Installed packages marked for removal."  Since the view in "deselct
select" is generated upon stratup, it would require a refresh to
reorganize the view after a selection has been changed.  This could be
done automatically every time a change is made which could possibly
cause problems for slower systems or via a prompt or manually with a
refresh hot key.

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