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/usr/lib/menu/default/dpkg file, to be removed from menu

From: Wichert Akkerman <wichert@cs.leidenuniv.nl>
Subject: Re: Installed menu 2.1.3-2 (source i386)
> Previously joost witteveen wrote:
> > Anyway, I'll remove them again from menu, unless people
> > object. (I'm thinking of removing all /usr/lib/menu/default/*
> > files, as they become supurflues. Anyone against that?)
> As a final courtesy, could you mail the entries you wrote to the
> maintainers of dpkg and gpm? I might just include it in a future dpkg
> upload..
> Wichert.

This is the current /usr/lib/menu/default/dpkg file:

?package(dpkg-dev):needs="dwww" section="Apps/Programming" \
     title="Dpkg internals" \
     title="Programmer's Description of the internal workings of dpkg" \
     description="This manual documents the dpkg source code, describing \
        things such as the internal data structures, string parsing functions \
        available within dpkg, etc, etc." \

?package(dpkg):needs="dconfig-text" section="Packagemanagment" \
     title="Dselect" \
     doc="file:///usr/doc/dpkg/" \
#?package(dpkg):needs="dwww" section="Apps/Programming" \
#     title="Debian packaging"\
#     longtitle="Debian packaging manual"\
#     description="This manual describes the technical aspects of creating Debian binary\
# and source packages. It also documents the interface between dselect and its access\
# method scripts"\
#     command="/usr/doc/dpkg/packaging.html/index.html"


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