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Bug#46747: dpkg: [hurd] start-stop-daemon

On Wed, Oct 06, 1999 at 03:57:11PM +0200, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de wrote:
> > The start-stop-daemon needs to be implemented differently on the Hurd.
> > Luckily, Ian Main already did this work for us, and it is replicated below.
> Looking at a diff between this version and the version for Linux to
> changes are small. What I would like to do is merge the Hurd version
> with the Linux version and seperate the OS-specific parts with #if linux
> and #if hurd (or whatever define is used for the hurd).

Yes. Hopefully we can arrange the code to make this not ugly.

BTW, the Hurd has __GNU__, but this should only be used when really using
Hurd features, which is the case here. (Note that BSD sources in Debian have
the tendency to have #ifdef __linux__ when POSIX or glibc stuff is used, eeek ;)

> It would also mean a change to the autoconf-setup to detect of
> libshouldbeinlibc (is that the same thing as libiberty?) needs to be
> added.

Not only for libshouldbeinlibc, but also for libps. The libps is the
interface to the proc server, which provides process database.

libshouldbeinlibc contains some helper stuff and some Hurd specific
additions to libc. Some of this should be merged into libc, the rest in a
hurdutil library or so. In our case, only three symbols are of interest,
fmt_past_time, fmt_seconds, fmt_minutes, which are sucked in by libps.

> Can you do this and give me a patch? I don't have access to a Hurd
> system so I can't do the autoconf-stuff for Hurd-detection.

I think I never figured out how to add a library to only one program in a
subdirectory with autoconf. But you can use:

AC_CHECK_HEADERS(hurd.h ps.h hurd/ihash.h)


AC_CHECK_LIBRARY(shouldbeinlibc, fmt_past_time)
AC_CHECK_LIBRARY(ps, proc_stat_list_pid_proc_stat)


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