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Bug#46671: dpkg: /usr/share, and libdpkg issues

Previously aj@azure.humbug.org.au wrote:
> dpkg installs dpkg.h in /usr/share/include/dpkg/, which gcc doesn't search
> by default. /usr/include would seem a more sensible place.

You're right, I'll fix this in

> Also, since dpkg-dev and dpkg both use /usr/doc/dpkg, the /usr/doc/dpkg
> symlink to /usr/share/doc/dpkg wasn't made.  apt-get install dpkg;
> apt-get install dpkg-dev should be enough to duplicate this. I'd suggest
> adding a Conflicts: line to make sure they're both upgraded concurrently.

I can't reproduce this with anymore.

> #include <dpkg/dpkg.h> gives errors unless the following symbols are defined:
> 	#define NONRETURNING 
> 	#define PRINTFFORMAT(a,b)

There are determined at compile-time using configure, so it's not
possible to simply copy them to dpkg.h..

> Finally, and as more of a wishlist item, it'd be nice if the cmpversions()
> function from main/enquiry.c was included in libdpkg itself.

Sounds reasonable..


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