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Bug#46619: dpkg: Internal error on fresh install

> > Using the mounted method (I have a local mirror in the same structure that
> > debian's ftp server has).  Start to install and it starts looking for part 1
> > of this package and that package.  I believe they were ldso, then libc6,
> > libncurses, etc.  This is where the problem lies.  Seems that the first time
> > it fails, I'll get this error that I posted in my last message.
> Hmm. So this is most likely a bug in dpkg-mounted then.

Could be, I'm not really sure.  But isn't that part of the dpkg package?

> > When it tried to install libc6, apt conflicted with it and failed to
> > install.  I had to upgrade apt, leave it hanging, install libc6, configure
> > apt.
> As far as I can see apt doesn't conflict with any libc6 versions, so I
> wonder where that conflict originated. I'll do some digging around to
> see if I can find the problem.

Check the apt package that's in that base file system I meantioned below.

> A good workaround is probably to use the apt method instead, it should
> be able to handle mounted filesystems as well and it is much better at
> resolving conflicts.

Never used apt before.  I'm used to dselect.  So is dselect depreciated now?

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