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Bug#45739: Incorrect example in dpkg(8) man page

Package: dpkg

In the dpkg(8) man page, under examples, it says:

	dpkg -i vim_4.5-3.tar.gz

It should read:

	dpkg -i vim_4.5-3.deb

I've included a patch below (I hope it's the
right format):

--- dpkg.8.old	Wed Sep 22 08:45:37 1999
+++ dpkg.8	Wed Sep 22 08:45:48 1999
@@ -503,7 +503,7 @@
 \fB     cd /cdrom/hamm/hamm/binary/editors\fP
-\fB     dpkg -i vim_4.5-3.tar.gz\fP
+\fB     dpkg -i vim_4.5-3.deb\fP
 To make a local copy of the package selection states:

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