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Bug#45423: dpkg: dpkg conflicts with lder libc

reassign 45423 libc6.1

Previously mrvn@zxmqu18.extern.uni-tuebingen.de wrote:
> dpkg should depend on a recent libc, since it uses versioned link information 
> that are nly present in the newer libc. Installing dpkg without first
> updating libc breaks (all?) binaries in the dpkg package.

This sounds like the libc6.1 package (which is alpha-specific) does not
install a propoer shlibs-file. I'm reassigning this bug to libc6.1 so it
gets fixed there.

Can the person who uploaded the alpha-binary for dpkg take a look at it
and make sure (which is in Incoming now) does not suffer from
this problem? Please make a binary-only NMU if needed.


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