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With the NMU I did a couple of days ago ( the code for dpkg and
dpkg-iwj should be in sync, with the exception of the missing
gettext-support in dpkg-iwj.

There are still differences in the accompanying perl scripts, such as
dpkg-gen*. The dpkg-iwj versions seem to have some (other) bugfixes,
and the NMU-versions have some new features that dpkg-iwj doesn't have
yet. I'll leave it to Ian to sort those out. also follows all the FHS 2.1(pre)-guidelines now. It should be
easy to modify dpkg-iwj to do that as well.

Right now I think dpkg-iwj needs three major changes before being ready
to replace the NMU-series:
* gettext support
* dpkg-architecture support
* fix the failed-assertion bug.


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