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Bug#43773: dpkg: purge and remove options make a pause, then parse arguments

>>"Ben" == Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

 Ben> I agree with the rest of this, but making a short, easy option
 Ben> to purge a package is bad. If you accidentally -r a package, it
 Ben> can be easily fixed with a reinstall and all configuration files
 Ben> will be kept. If you accidentally --purge, then you could have
 Ben> some problems. Force people to know exactly what they are doing
 Ben> in this extreme instance.

        This does not seem to follow the rest of the UNIX
 philosophy. By the same token, rm, fsck, restore, dd, et all should
 be horrendously hard to use.

        Protecting users from themselves, not making things convenient
 because they are too dangerous leads one to Windows. I am not
 convinced that this is the right path.

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