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On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Jason Thomas wrote:

> have you tried dpkg --help..  basically this is the same as rpm with slightly

I'm looking at this.

I'm still playing with RedHat and looked at "kickstart" for the first time
yesterday. (We're using jumpstart for Solaris and Roboinst for Irix.  On AIX
Smit does everything for our SP).  I'm going to try it today (see below).

I've already enquired about the pre-defined templates available in the Deb 2.1
install.  It would be nice to find some documentation on these (where they
are on the boot media etc).  If I can't find any I'll write some I guess.

> different switches.  That way you can just manually search internet sites for
> new versions of pacakages and then manually download those packages and
> then manually install them.i Just like redhats rpm.

I had started this project [1] at work.  I spent a bit of time installing
Debian 2.1 and then started asking questions.  I just don't have any more
time to spend "at work" on this but my boss just bought me a laptop (Toshiba)
so I now have a platform to play with at home.

It's a really "nice" machine.  Comes with Win98 [2] and a CD from toshiba
which wipes out anything it finds on the hard-drive to do an re-install.
I would guess that this is part of M$ latest strategy.

I tried Debian 2.1 first but booting from CD just froze.  I'm not sure 
whether it froze because there was no free space on the hard drive or
because the kernel on the CD had a problem.

I got RedHat 6.0 up with no problems (found a working XF86Config from the
net) and I may have learned enough in the process to get Debian installed
via the CD (otherwise I'll have to resort to floppies).

[1] The project is migrating all my linux boxes at work from RedHat to Debian.

[2] I need this to test and use remote access --- getting Linux with
    free s/wan to work will be non-trivial (I don't control the other 
    end).  I will get rid of Win98 eventually ...

> Guy Hulbert [guy@bioinfo.sickkids.on.ca] wrote:
> > Hi again.


> > By the way, it's getting late on Friday please CC or follow-up to
> > guy@interlog.com ("reply-to").  (I have smallish children at home) ...

 ... at work too :) ...

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