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Bug#43055: dpkg: Assertion failed ...

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:

> If you had checked the open bugs against dpkg, you would have seen this
> is a FRB (Frequently Reported Bug:).

I'm sorry that I didn't check. Last time I tried I was overwhelmed by
dpkg's open bugs (although this one would've been easy to find). Besides,
I assumed this is something totally new 8-/

> Did your install/upgrade involve the cmucl packages?

No. gcj and libgcj (2.95.1-0pre1) where left unconfigured after dpkg failed.

> --force-depends one of the offending packages and reconfigure

Yes, and I added this to the bug report in a subsequent message.

(BTW, see #43060, which covers the same problem)



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