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[STATUS] HPML (formerely the DPKGv2 Project)

Yes, we've come up with a new name for the project. The Herring Package
Management Library (HPML). The name means nothing special, but it seems
fitting to code name the first release (when it comes around) "Red". 

This email is intended as just a status report, and to let everyone know
that the project is indeed still alive. Currently the latest specification
can be obtained from http://www.debian.org/~bcollins/hpml. You can see from
this that we have changed the spec slightly, this should be expected.

Right now we have a fairly solid structure, nothing more. The code actually
does nothing useful except compile correctly. We are starting to plug in the
core functionality.

We should be setting up mailing list soon for general discussion (or perhaps
just allow subscribing to the core list as recieve only, or both).


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