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Re: dpkg v1.4.1.3 comments and suggestions.

   Thanks for responding. The reason I sent it to you is that
you were the last one to make a change in the ChangeLog file.
There was no information in the README or INSTALL as to where to
send email bug reports, questions or how to subscribe to a mailing list.

   Be aware that some of us have other distributions (mine is DosLinux)
and that we install s/w pkgs from different distributions. I.E the
RPM s/w pkg from redhat, the dpkg from Debian, the SLP pkg from stampede
so that we can read or create different distros files, or use utilities
that may be better in one vs. the other.
Thus, the pkg tools shouldn't cause problems amongs't each other
-- we all hope it doesn't. :)


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