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Bug#39893: dpkg: please add option to ignore pre{inst,rm} script

Package: dpkg
Severity: wishlist


when dpkg is used to install packages on another system ("--root"), there
should be a way to ignore the packaging scripts. --unpack helps, as it
doesn't run the post* scripts, but pre* scripts are always run. I would like
to have an option not to run the pre* scripts at all
(--force-ignore-preinst and --force-ignore-prerm for example).

That would make things a lot easier under some special circumstances.


-- System Information
Debian Release: potato
Kernel Version: Linux ulysses 2.1.106 #1 SMP Sat Jun 20 23:27:39 CEST 1998 i586 unknown

Versions of the packages dpkg depends on:
ii  libc6           2.1.1-11       GNU C Library: Shared libraries and timezone
hi  libncurses4     4.2-3.2        Shared libraries for terminal handling
ii  libstdc++2.9-gl 2.91.66-2      The GNU stdc++ library (EGCS version)

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