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Bug#39490: dpkg: dpkg-divert(1) manpage missing

Package: dpkg
Severity: normal

/usr/man/man1/dpkg-divert.1.gz tells me, that I should not report the
missing manpage as a bug, because this "has already been reported as a
bug". I don't see this bug report in
http://www.debian.org/Bugs/db/pa/ldpkg.html, so I report it myself.

Please don't missing manpages to undocumented.7.gz, if there isn't
already a bug report, because Debian policy says:

| 6.1. Manual pages
| [...]
|     If no manual page is available for a particular program, utility or
|     function and this is reported as a bug on debian-bugs, a symbolic link
|     from the requested manual page to the undocumented(7) manual page
|     should be provided.



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