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[X|SG]ML DTD for installed database?

I can see many potential benefits to making a DTD for the installed
software database.  What would be the downside to this?  What problems
might it cause?  What obstacles would have to be overcome?

This could benefit more than just Debian.  It sometimes annoys me to see
projects release .rpm packages and say that they'll try to get around to
making .debs.  Yes, I know how to use alien.  I was thinking, though, that
the (at least binary) package format really shouldn't make much difference.
What we need is a common database format, one that any existing scheme 
can map to easily - basically, a superset of the different existing control
fields.  Again, a DTD might fit the bill quite nicely.

Forgive me if I'm light years behind the discussion on this.  Again, please
bring me up to date or point me in the right direction here.  Thank you
very much.

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