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Bug#36429: files extracted by dpkg are corrupt

Package: dpkg

The md5sums of files unpacked from .deb-s do not match the provided ones
while md5sums of the deb files are correct!

after unpacking pine396-diffs_2.deb together with pine396-src_2.deb the
pine_3.96M-2.dsc , pine_3.96M.orig.tar.gz , README, and pine_3.96M-2.diff.gz
files are extracted into /usr/src/pine directory. After cd-ing into it and
issuing command 

dpkg-source -x pine_3.96M-2.dsc

(like it says in the readme)

the following error appears

dpkg-source: error: file pine_3.96M.orig.tar.gz has md5sum
14da0bc39282affa0f97a99cdd15c2e5 instead of expected

I have already reported it as a bug against pine but the maintainer says the
deb files are OK (we've compred their md5sums)

I also have tried to repeat this several times, but with no effect.

FYI: the whole instalation is from a Cheap*Bytes CD while the pine package
was downloaded from mirror: sunsite.icm.edu.pl/pub/Linux/debian

Marcin Owsiany

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