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Bug#35961: Segmentation fault in dpkg-dev, when $LC* and $LANGUAGE are default

Package: dpkg-dev

I use a Debian 2.1r2. I built the lyx 1.0 package of the unstable tree from the
source (using dpkg-buildpackage). Then I tried to install it using dpkg -i
lyx.. The update begun with no problems, then I received a segmentation fault.
I knew the old bug in dpkg-dev that crashed when language were not default, so
I tried to delete every local vars, this fixed the problem.
The upgrade seemed to freeze when it would have printed "directory not empty
cannot .." (in french of course).

I use the 2.2.5 kernel.


Guillaume Morin (Nogent sur Marne, FRANCE) <gemorin@ibm.net>

                      La vie est comme un rhododendron

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