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Bug#35654: dpkg --predep-package [HINT incl.]

(This bug was reassigned to dpkg, and this is somewhat related, so I continue
the bug report...)

There is yet another predep problem. dpkg --predep-package searches for a
predep-d package that itself does not have any predeps. But this is not
correct. If the printed package does have uninstalled NORMAL Depends,
_installation_ will succeed, but _configuring_ will fail.

Example: netscape-base-45 PREdeps on netscape-base-4
         netscape-base-4 DEPs on dpkg-awk
And when you don't have dpkg-awk installed (who does...) no netscape for you.

SO, --predep-package should traverse the entire depend-tree. First search one
package that has predeps (that are marked for install but still uninstalled).
Name the Predepd package "A".
Then the basic algorithm may look like:

  if "A" has Predeps
     A := first predep of "A"
    if "A" has Deps
      A := first Dep of "A"
until xit=true
print "A"

(Add a counter, so we don't get infinite loops -- meaning circular

  Anne Bezemer

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