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I'm using dselect with the "mounted" access method with "scan" option to
manage my packages. That is, I don't have "Packages.gz" index files and I keep
"*.deb" s in a directory hierarchy which is very different than the
conventional debian archive hieararchy. And the my packages are from different
(2.0, 2.1, ...) releases and different braches (stable, unstable, frozen)
That's why "Packages.gz" files has no meaning for me.
But I'm quite satisfied with "scan" option. I love it. :)

However I have small problem:

If I select a package A and if that package depends on B, B is automatically
selected by dselect. That's fine. However I remove A and even no other package
depends on B, B is left on the system.

2 or 3 months ago I'd stated this problem in mailing list and someone replied
that "This problem was addressed by apt."

Since then I've had no opportunity to try apt.
But last week I had.

However I'm disappointed.
It doesn't have "scan" support for a unconventional *.deb file stack.(like the
one I've described above)

What I'm asking is this:

Will apt have a "scan" option?
Is it possible or impossible?


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