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Re: Bug#34676: libtool: hosttype determination is seriously broken

gord@trick.fig.org (Gordon Matzigkeit)  wrote on 19.03.99 in <86677xpms2.fsf@trick.fig.org>:

> >>>>> Kai Henningsen writes:

KH>> Turns out while I was right about ld --help, this wasn't what
KH>> caused the bug (postinst failed). Instead, it was a missing
KH>> dependency on gcc.

> I guess I don't understand dpkg well enough, because I made libtool
> depend on a C compiler:
> Version: 1.2-3
> Depends: c-compiler
> I don't understand why the postinst script runs before the dependency
> is met.  Do you know why?

That can't be the problem. The postinst ran even when apt found no broken  
dependencies, and all other packages were configured.

So maybe it is a problem with the egcc package (which *was* installed)?

Yes, it seems that's where the problem was, though I hesitate to claim a  
bug with the package. The egcc postinst *does* register a cc candidate  
exactly like the gcc package does.

I'm forced to conclude that somehow, the egcc cc candidate got lost. I  
have no idea how that happened, though.

I'll cc debian-dpkg on this. (Short summary: I was downgrading from potato  
to slink because of breakage caused by glibc 2.1.)

KH>> Well, it looks at the output of ld --help to figure out the
KH>> binary format [...]

> I wasn't asking for analysis: I was asking for the symptoms, which you
> gave me above (`postinst failed').  Always give the symptom in your
> bug report, because without describing the symptoms, bug reports are
> not at all helpful, even if they contain a patch.

Well, yes, I *was* a little tired when I wrote the first one :-)

MfG Kai

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