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A suggestion for your consideration. 
Thanks. :-)

>> > One very welcome feature is -y (assume "yes") but getting the
>> > courage to try it is another matter. There are certain configs
>> > (e.g. syslog.conf) that I don't want changed; it would be nice to
>> > be able to lock these.

>> Yes... but I don't think that's possible for the moment, without
>> holding back sysklogd. Perhaps you could make a suggestion to the
>> dpkg maintainer about this? (dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk)

> Wouldn't hurt to ask, it sure would be handy to making an automatic
> upgrade. A problem with Debian in a LAN environment- someone has to
> answer the Y|N|Z questions and this would cure that. I suppose any
> drastic error with the old config should be flagged with loud buzzing
> noises or something..  ;-)

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