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Bug#34610: unsuffixed shared libraries

coolo@kde.org (Stephan Kulow)  wrote on 15.03.99 in <[🔎] 36ED4718.5300688F@kde.org>:

> Package: dpkg-dev
> Version:
> MICO (www.mico.org) doesn't use so versions, but always puts the
> full version into the library file name. An example result of ldd is:
> coolo:~> ldd /usr/bin/idl
>         libmico2.2.3.so => /usr/lib/libmico2.2.3.so (0x4001b000)

I'd say that's a mico bug. It should not do that. Someone hasn't  
understood how shared libraries work.

I don't think any other package should be changed to cope with this  
particular misbehaviour.

MfG Kai

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