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Re: [ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk: Re: source packages]

Wichert Akkerman writes ("source packages"):

> Anyway, he says that his implementation of the new source-packages which
> support things like multiple patches are already in the tarball in his
> homedirectory on master, and he'ld like to get that in the main dpkg.
> Ian, do you have any problems with Klee doing that? I know lots of
> people have anxiously awaiting this for a long time now..

From: Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk>

> I think it would be excellent.
> What version of dpkg are they currently based on ?  Eventually they'll
> have to be incorporated into my working tree.

They should be compatible with any version of dpkg, though they do
rely rather heavily on some of the dpkg-scriptlib modules.  I'm not
entirely satisfied with the format at this point, but the code is
certainly at a state where it's worth some public review and

I'm just now winding up a big project at Apple (I hope to be able to
talk about it any day now).  I'll post some more thoughts about the
format and possibly some more code to this list later this week.

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